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Dear Clients
Online Diary is open for up to 9 months ahead. Please contact Suzanne direct for extra evenings and Saturday appointments.
Please take note of any terms & conditions and cancellation policy.
If you are unable to find an appointment to suit, please contact me direct and I will see what I can do to assist.
Thank you


New Client Treatments

Treatments suggested for all new clients, if you are unsure what to choose.
We can get to know each other, identify concerns and then I can recommend treatments moving forward

Add on treatments

Any of these treatments can be added on to any main service.

CACI Synergy Treatments with new Super Charged Energiser

All the CACI treatments and combination packages using the new Super Charged Energiser

Guinot Hydradermie Treatments

Award winning, no 1 anti ageing moisturising brand for 6 years in a row, consistently delivering targeted results.

Suitable for all skin types using a choice of products for your concerns. Deep cle...
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Guinot Facial Treatments - Non machine.

Award winning, no 1 anti ageing moisturising brand for 6 years in a row, consistently delivering targeted results.

These treatments are machine and product based. The time is focused on delaying th...
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AlumierMD Luxury Facial & Skin Peels

AlumierMD medical grade skin peels. Starting from a gentle introductory peels, up to advanced skin peels.

Bespoke Signature Facials

These are 'all inclusive' treatments, where together we select the best products and equipment for your concern. You choose the time - Silver 75mins, Gold 90mins or the Ultimate VIP Platinum 2 hrs.

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Radio Frequency with LED & Vacuum Suction

A complete treatment for both face and body. Effective 3 in 1 system; results driven anti-ageing on the face and a cellulite treatment for the body. The Radio Frequency treatment uses waves which exci... Show more

Lumixa & LED Treatments

Skin Normaliser, Collagen Boost or Age Control. If you want to combine this treatment with CACI, see under CACI category.
Course of 5 treatments recommended initially. 1 every 7-14 days.
Stimulates c...
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Relaxation & Radiance Facials

These treatments are still results driven, but this category is about treating your concerns with 'hands on' treatments with lots of massage and relaxation, without compromising results.

CliniCare Facials & Skin Peels

Tailor Made Skin Peels to treat pigmentation, ageing, spots and blemishes. The CLINICCARE superficial chemical peels contain a mixture of Glycolic, Lactic, Azelaic, Kojic and Salicylic Acids for the ... Show more

Environ Facial Treatments

Environ’s pioneering Dual Electro-Sonic Technology sets the benchmark for Professional Skincare Treatments.
Low frequency Sonophoresis together with pulsed Iontophoresis in combination with Environ’s ...
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DMK Enzyme Treatments

This is an ideal treatment to alternative with the CACI or Guinot Lift.

This is the incredible “Plasmatic effect” from DMK’s unique Oxygen Therapy. You can actually see the capillaries opening up, pu...
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Teenage Skin Treatments 13 to 18yrs

Specialised Facials to tackle teenage concerns such as spots, blackheads, dry skin & inflammation with skin care tutorials to install good habits in your children

SkinPen Micro-Needling

The 'Rolls Royce' of skin needling. A range of treatments to work at a deeper level and tackle skin problems such as Acne, Ageing, Scars, Pigmentation etc

Alkaline Wash Facial downy hair removal.

Patch test required for all new clients.
Alkaline Wash system is a remarkable treatment designed to reduce all fine, downy hair. This type of hair can be very difficult to remove with other methods as...
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CryoPen & ACP - Age spots, skin tag removal etc

Using the CryoPen to remove age spots, skin tags, facial capillaries, cherry angiomas etc.

Electrolysis & Advanced Blemish Removal Treatments

Electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

This can be distressing for many clients and is a common problem for both Ladies & Gentlemen.

Unwanted hair is usually the result of hormone...
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Waxing using products from Perron Rigot Paris.